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What’s a “Free Range Kid”? (4/1/2015) - Free Range Kids, 1950s, neighborhood.
*Never let your children out of your sight . . . (3/31/2015) - Not dead yet? That gives you another chance to make good.
Starting Over and Over and Over (1/23/2015) - Perhaps one good start deserves another, perhaps since one is never finished unless dead, each breath is a new start. In that case, how does one ever get ahead? I did just have a lovely luncheon and writing session with
Re-Starting Over 2015 (12/29/2014) - Like everyone else in the world, I am starting over for this new year. Restarting this blog, restarting another non-profit, restarting the ubiquitous weight loss, exercise and eating habits. Starting to be creative in a more organized fashion: Painter, Writer,
Bird Stein Gans Interesting Photo and Pictures – Bird Stein Gans (1868-1944) (12/29/2014) - I have a sister named Phoebe who has been called Bird for much of her life. There is some inner family secret about the origin of this nickname, having to do with Oiseau > Bird > Dudie. But these are are